Standard Hinged Doors

  • Our hinged entry door system has been designed as a high quality and high performance option for any domestic or commercial application. Panic bars can also be fitted in a commercial situation that required emergency exits. The entry doors have a range of features including a wide choice of single, double or one and a half doors, sidelights or highlights, and wide rails. They are able to be adapted to any needed situation. The sturdy aluminium framing is much stronger than previous timber profiles allowing for a much higher security standard.

Standard Sliding Doors

  • Commercial Windows sliding doors are made to the highest quality, while still remaining attractive and practical for a wide range of applications. These doors are ideal for wide openings and give an almost unobstructed view. High quality locking systems can be used on our standard sliding doors.

Stacking Sliding Doors

  • Our Stacking sliding doors are ideal for large openings where an uninterrupted view is required. These doors open to 2/3 of the whole frame by 2 panels stacking behind a third fixed panel. This is as opposed to the standard that will only open half the frame width.

Bifold Doors

  • Commercial windows bifold doors are the ultimate solution to any area that demands wide unobstructed views. These doors are designed to pivot and fold to the sides giving uninterrupted free flowing access. These bifold doors come in a wide range of applications and colours to meet the need of domestic and commercial project alike.